Video Technology – the Newest Marketing Tool For Realtors

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So you have worked hard to learn the business, study all things real estate and establish your brand and business as a Realtor.  But what makes you different than the thousands of other agents doing the same thing as you are?  When you think of it, just like a kid in a candy store, unless the packaging doesn’t grab them right away buyers and sellers initially have little idea as to what makes you the best choice as their Realtor.

We know that once you have established your brand, the next most important thing to do is to market your business.  Using the latest video technology and our super-fast “connected” world, agents are more in touch with their clients and future clients than ever before and what better time than now, when video technology is at its best?  

People Connect and Respond to Visuals

Visual marketing has been around ever since people in business knew they had to share their strengths against the competition to be able to stand out in a crowd.  In the business of real estate this couldn’t be truer.  Not only do you need to share as much information about you as possible, but you also need to extend a lot of information about the homes you are trying to help your clients buy or sell.

By using videos, a real estate agent instantly has an edge over others that rely on traditional, more conventional methods of communication and marketing.  Sure, a telephone conversation is great when it is needed but for potential and existing clients to be able to jump on a website or access a link that you have provided them is phenomenal marketing.  By making it possible for them to gain instant access to the information they seek, not only are you keeping their convenience in mind but you are also able to channel a precisely targeted message to your audience.

No Cost Professional Video Production for Deeb Agents

Whether designing a custom real estate listing video that gives your clients all aspects of the property in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing way, or sharing an electronic business card with much more than just your name and phone number – this tool will change your business. Just imagine the possibilities! And when you factor in the potential of virally marketing your property (and your brand) the possibilities are limitless.

As always, we like to make sure you can focus all your energies on doing what you do best –serving your clients.  So when it comes to all your video and technology needs, Deeb Realty takes the task on.  As you will find is the case with so many other highly desirable features of working on the Deeb team, we proudly provide our agents with complimentary professional video production as just one of the many things we offer to the members of our team.
To learn more about the Deeb Realty advantage and how we work for you to ensure nothing but the utmost success in your professional endeavors, visit our website and join our team today!

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